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Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony 2016

Photo Gallery

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Session 1  (BBA-SCM/ BMSIM/ BA-ENG)

Session 2  (BJC/ BTB)

Session 3  (BBA-ACC)

Session 4  (BBA-MKT)

Session 5  (BBA-BAF/ AD)

Highlights of Past Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation Ceremony 2016_Highlight

Graduation Ceremony 2016
(1-2 December 2016)


Graduation Ceremony 2015
(3 December 2015)


Graduation Ceremony 2014
(12 December 2014)

Photo Gallery

Graduate Photo

Welcome to the Photo Gallery of the HSMC Graduation Ceremony! 

Congratulations to our graduates and their proud parents!

Please click the links below to review happy moments of our graduates:

Graduate Services

The Registry continues to serve HSMC students upon graduation.  For graduates who wish to apply for transcript of studies/ letter of certification, please complete and submit the application form below to the Registry (N101) during office hours.

Notes for Applicants

  • Please allow at least 7 working days to process the application.
  • If you authorize another person to collect the applied document(s) on your behalf, authorization letter is needed. Collection of the document(s) by a third party will require a duly signed authorization letter from the applicant, together with the copy of the HKID cards of the applicant and the authorized person.

Personal Information Collection Statement

The personal data provided on the application forms listed above will be used by the Registry for the purpose of processing respective applications.

Information provided on the forms may be transferred to other departments/administrative offices within HSMC for consideration and granting approval, where applicable.

Provision of information on the application forms is voluntary. However, failure to provide complete and accurate information will affect the provision of academic services to you.

In accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have the right to request access to and correction of the information contained in your application. If you wish to do so, please submit your request in writing to the Registry (

// EOF